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Connection Manager issues in PI Builder 2018 SP2

Question asked by John Messinger Champion on Aug 28, 2019
Latest reply on Aug 28, 2019 by John Messinger

Have run into a weird problem with PI Data Archive connections in PI Builder. The list of PI Data Archive Connections in PI Builder appears to be out of synch with the KST that populates the PISDKUtility and the Connection Manager dialog in PSE. Further, I can't connect to the PI Data Archive from PI Builder at all. It's actually a PI Collective, but it's not being properly being resolved.


In PI Builder I see the following:



From PSE this is the same dialog:



And finally from PISDKUtility:



The server above (CCQPI) is actually a PI Collective, as can be seen from the PISDKutility and PSE connection windows. My specific problem is this; when I attempt to connect from PI Builder I receive the following error message:



The registry key is most definitely there, as the PISDKutility and PSE can find it:



As a side note (and related to my opening remark), if I make any changes to the server list through the PI Builder connection dialog (add or remove any server entries), these are not reflected anywhere else - the other tools mentioned or directly in regedit.


I have Administrator access to the machine and have tried running Excel as Administrator to ensure read/write access to the registry, though the permissions on the registry keys are good - Everyone has Full Control.


Any clues as to what the issue could be here? I've never come across anything like this before, and it's got me completely stumped.