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PI Vision Custom Symbol Filtering is not getting all the data

Question asked by RollyD on Aug 28, 2019
Latest reply on Sep 1, 2019 by RollyD

Hi There,


I'm trying to develop a custom symbol for a customer but seems like whenever I'm trying to extend the time range I'm getting a lesser results.


As you can see here I've tried to filter the results for 1 day.

The screenshot has been cropped because the screen cannot capture the whole array of data but there are 72 records for *-1d filter.


Then I've tried to change the filter to 1 week and the values that I'm getting is less than the value that I got from 1 day filter. Now I only have 12 values for 1 week.



Then I've also tried to make it 1 month and this is what I have.


This is my Config Object.



Can someone explain to me what have I missed?


Thank you!