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PI Vision - Automated Trend Generation

Question asked by D_Govindsamy on Aug 30, 2019
Latest reply on Sep 4, 2019 by Roger Palmen

Hi All,


I have a query regarding automated trend generation in PI Vision. Below is a brief description of the existing AF Structure and PI Vision report setup, and the desired PI Vision report setup.


Existing AF Structure :

Assets are based on a parent template. The asset contains child attributes. The child elements are based on its own template (not a derived element template from parent). The child elements themselves are contain sensor/PV measurements attributes with a few other utility/auxiliary/config attributes. The child elements PV's are sent to PI ACE; where a calculation is performed and the output (system health) is written back as an attribute in the asset (parent). The number of child elements in the asset vary. Each asset has a flag to determine if it is running or not.


Existing PI Vision Reports

Standalone reports for each asset, containing trends of the individual children PV attributes (on a single chart).


Desired PI Vision Reports

Dynamically generated report, showing only assets that are running; and the ability to drill into the detail which will show the individual child element PV's on a single chart (varying number of measurements per asset).


Would I be able to achieve this using an appropriate collections setup? 

Is a more advanced solution required using PI AF SDK?

What are some of the approaches that can be used?


Kind regards

Dayanundan Govindsamy