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    OSIsoft Partner Solutions showcase webinar series


      OSIsoft has started the Partner Solution Showcase website to allow Partner to showcase their applications that works with the PI System. If you are interested in seing these thrid party applciations in action at a Customer site, you can register to webinars that will be give this falls on this topic. 


      The first webinar will be held Wednesday September 5th and will feature the NASA's Glenn Research Center  that is using the PI System and the Grits for ProcessBook from Data South systems.


      For the complete Schedule and to register:  http://partners.osisoft.com/news.aspx

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          Want to ensure that you have the proper data for your applications, learn how you can automatically set compressing settings on thousans of tags.  The next webinar of this series will features Pattern Discovery and their Compression Insight products.  Sun Coke Energy, Inc will then talk on how they save time and money using this Tools.