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Extract data from PI System Management Tools(Archive Editor)

Question asked by ziadelghoul on Aug 29, 2019
Latest reply on Sep 6, 2019 by gregor

Hi Everyone,


I really need help! I am very new to this and spent very long time with no success yet.

I need to retrieve data from the archive editor in the PI System Management Tools. I want to be able to update the Tagname, Start Time, End Time. I would really appreciate any guidance of how to build such application using C#/ language/frame work.


The more I dig into it the more i sink without knowing the starting point...

I would really appreciate a thorough process that describes the thoughts (from connecting to the PI system management tools, connect to the server that I already created( i do have the username and password), choose the Start Time, End Time, Tagname ( which I am thinking of user input that would make it "easier") then select the columns.