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PI Vision Display Utility and navigation links issue

Question asked by andre.e.moreira on Aug 30, 2019
Latest reply on Sep 27, 2019 by pwedziuk

Hi, everyone,



I came across an issue when attempting to migrate displays using the PI Vision Display Utility (PI Vision 2017 R2 SP1), but figured out how to work around it and decided to share it in the forum.

The user guide states that:



"When copying displays that contain hyperlinks to other displays, you must import all the linked displays together. Otherwise, the hyperlinks will not work on the destination server."



However, even migrating all displays from a source Vision SQL database at the same time didn't work. The references to the new AF and the new DA are all correct, but the displays are created such that the IDs (number in the display URL) are not in a proper order and the navigation links don't jump to the correct displays.



I even found a couple Knowledge Base articles related to this issue, with no current solution:



Display Utility - Display migration does not migrate Event Comparison links  
Display Utility - missing images/display links on display transfer (160563)

What I found out is that instead of copying all displays at once, if I copy only the ones in a linked chain, it works. To make it simple, let's say I have the following displays in a Vision SQL database:



Group 1: displays A, B and C, with links to each other
Group 2: displays X, Y and Z, with links to each other
Group 3: display S

If I migrate Group 1 displays at once, then Group 2 and then Group 3, all navigation links in the destination displays are fine. If, instead, I migrate all displays at once, the links don’t work.

This doesn’t look like expected behavior, but this group by group migration using the display utility worked for me.