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How to make event frames aviable from a second element

Question asked by DoctorSnuggles on Sep 2, 2019
Latest reply on Sep 4, 2019 by DoctorSnuggles

Hi, just wanted to ask if anyone has a good idea for this: Imagine an AF-Tree with a set of assets in a batch based process. Event-Frames will be generated and referenced to the corresponding assets in that tree. Now if i have another AF-Tree with another structure but exactly the same assets as the original tree, is it possible to "link" or better "reference" those trees, so that users in Pi-Vision will find the Event-Frames that are tied to the original tree when working with the element representing the same asset from the second tree?


Just to keep it simple: The original tree isn´t very good to work with because the Batch interface needs it to be in a certain structure and continously adds new elements and references. Thats why we want an own tree for the users to work with but Event-Frames and Child-Event Frames should be connected to each asset from the original "Batch"-tree.


Thanks in advance and kind regards