Gothenburg Tech Talks at-a-glance

Discussion created by rdavin Employee on Sep 3, 2019

PI World EMEA 2019 is less than 2 weeks away.  Day 3 on Thursday is typically geared to appeal to developers, IT professionals, and power users by offering more in-depth technical presentations.  This year we will offer 2 tracks with 2 Tech Talks each. 





OSIsoft Cloud Services for Developers

A lot has happened with OCS since this was originally presented in April.  OCS has witnessed a soft launch.  This was a well-liked presentation that struck a fine balance with showing a technical walk-through of using the OCS portal while being relaxed and fun.  Best Reason to Attend: the Ask Me Anything (AMA) session is your chance to talk directly with the developers.  Most Tech Talks allocate about 20 minutes for a Q&A but this presentation almost doubles that.


Modernizing PI SQL for the Future: New Clients, New Engine, and New Integration Ideas

Since this Tech Talk was first offered, OSIsoft has added a new online course Exposing PI Data with the PI SQL Framework.  Expect a lot of technical information to be shared, and like all other Tech Talks, there will be plenty of time for Q&A.  


Effortlessly Deploying a PI System in AWS

Effortlessly Deploying a PI System in Azure

In April these were presented together where they split the 90 minutes between them.  Now we offer them as their own 90 minute Tech Talks, fuller in content, and focused on a given cloud platform.  These talks are presented by members of the Engineering Department responsible for creating the deployment scripts.  And yes there will be a Q&A.


Best tip for attending a Tech Talk

Sit up-front close to the monitors.  Some fonts on walk-throughs will be small, and sitting closer can improve the viewing experience.  Plus you will be closer to the speakers for any questions you may ask them.