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How to get value from attribute where name is not known?

Question asked by UKullmann on Sep 3, 2019
Latest reply on Sep 4, 2019 by David Hearn



Example in AF:


      Attribute A


         Attribute B


Element 2 is an subelement of Element1

Now, AttributeA should get value from /Element1/Element2/AttributeB

AttributeA is an Stringbuilder Reference with '.\Element2|AttributeB';

Fine, this works for me, but:

I don't know the name of Element2 in an Template!


Therefore i use a stringbuilder to construct the path using other fields like %Element% etc

The result for an Attribute "Elementpath" is then ".\Element2|AttributeB"

Now, my AttributeA should substitute the String of Elementpath and deliver back the Value of that, you know what i mean?

It's like a pointer to a pointer logik.

Actually i am not getting it done :-(


Did somebody has a solution how to construct such a solution?



I am heavily using this logik:

PumpValue  (=PIPoint "%@.|Tagname%)

    |--Tagname (=Stringbuilder "X_";%Element%;"_YYY";)


It is the same as above, but getting a PIPoint looking to another PiPoint in AF

I Need an Attribute, looking down the tree to another Attribute to get that value.