Enabling Condition-Based Maintenance (CBM) Online Course - September 2019 - Introduce yourself!

Discussion created by etjondrokusumo Employee on Sep 3, 2019
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Hello, everybody!


I am Ellin Tjondrokusumo, and I will be helping facilitate this online course for the next two weeks. I would like you to use this thread to introduce yourselves and tell me about your general PI knowledge and what you hope to get out of this course.


A few reminders:

  • This is a self-paced course. The course material is available 24/7 here: Enabling Condition Based Maintenance. You can review the content, try the exercises at your schedule for the next 2 weeks. Very useful tips, please click Follow button on the top right corner of the page, and check for both “Following” and “Inbox.” This will allow you to be updated when there are new threads/questions. You can simply unfollow when the course period is over.
  • The only requirement for obtaining the certificate of completion for this course is to submit a successful final project to me on or before the end of the 2-week session. (Deadline is Friday, September 13th, 11:59 AM EST, before Noon). We would suggest submitting your final projects earlier in the week (Tuesday/Wednesday) so we can provide suggestions and feedback before the course is over!
  • If you have any questions, please post them on the discussion forums so everyone in the course may benefit and chime in with their own thoughts/experiences.


A little about me: My background is in Software Developer and Computer Science. I've been with OSIsoft since 2015. Prior to OSIsoft, I was working for Oracle supporting their Siebel product. I joined OSIsoft as a Technical Support Engineer where I assist customers to troubleshoot any PI Systems issues they are having over the phone. Today, I am a Product Support Engineer, where in addition to helping customers over the phone, I am also acting as a service engineer.


Looking forward to hearing and interacting from all of you!