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AF Templates with no data or pi tag not found

Question asked by mbailey on Sep 9, 2019
Latest reply on Sep 22, 2019 by mbailey

We have an AF structure that uses templates for a few device types. Our templates are setup to resolve PI tags for the device if we have them available. If we don't, it says PI Tag Not Found - which is fine.  Once the device is added in the field (out of the office), that AF element will update and work.


When in PI Vision, the user gets thousands of errors saying the PI tag is not found. I would like an option in PSE to set the element attribute to ignore the error if the tag is not found, or simple return something I specify such as, not available in the field at this time.


The purpose of templates is to implement something that works for most. I do not want to disable fields not working one at a time.