Top 5 Reasons to attend Tech Talks

Discussion created by rdavin Employee on Sep 6, 2019

For more information about the Tech Talks to be offered in Gothenburg, see:


Gothenburg Tech Talks at-a-glance 


Here are my top 5 reasons to attend a Tech Talk.


Less Sizzle, More Steak.  At PI World, Days 0-2 are heavy on product marketing but skimpy on technical details that might help you with a problem back home.  Tech Talks are heavy on technical details.


Extended Q&A or AMA.  Given the in-depth technical content, questions abound.  Tech Talks allow for a minimum of 15 minutes Q&A, and some that offer an Ask Me Anything can extend up to 40 minutes.  Better yet: you don't have to wait until the end to ask a question.  You are encouraged to ask during the presentation.  This makes you an active participant in the discussion.


Half the time of lab with as much learning.  Instead of 3 hours and fumbling with logging into a lab VM, the 90 minute Tech Talks are condensed, guided learning.  This gives you more time to attend other talks, socialize with fellow PI Geeks, hit the snack bar, or take a rest.


Cost is free.  The labs cost around $150 USD but Tech Talks are free to attend, and no need to pre-register.


They are recorded.  If you miss a Tech Talk, or want to refer to info presented in one, the good news is they are recorded and will be available on the OSIsoft Events site.