Using PI HDA interface to backfill historical data from a DeltaV system into PI

Discussion created by gkrueger on Aug 28, 2012
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I'm wondering if anyone has done something similar to what I'm looking to do and might have some pointers.  Basically I have a PI system that I recently installed which uses OPC DA to get data from a DeltaV system which is running the DeltaV historian (not the embedded PI one).  We have data going forward from when the PI system was installed, but the customer is looking to have us backfill the data from before PI was installed by pulling it from the DeltaV system's historian. I'm thinking of using the HDA interface on a development system to do that.  My plan would be to clone the live system onto the dev system, then convert the tags to using the HDA interface and have it back fill a bunch of archives...then since the system was a clone, the tag point ID's should match the live system, so I'm hoping I could just detach the archives from the Dev system, move them to the live system, reattach them and the old data should then be available on the live system.


Can anyone speak to if that would be a workable plan?  I haven't used the HDA interface before...I imagine it's quite a bit trickier than the DA interface since there probably are parameters to tell it how far back to go, how often to sample the historian archives, etc.  Also, I would think the loading on the server could get pretty high...i'd be looking for some way to tell it to just go back and grab a few months at a time, let it chug through that, then change the settings to have it go back a bit further...not sure if all that is possible with the HDA interface or not...might be outside of what it was designed to do...


Any tips or pointers on this are appreciated, or if this is the wrong forum to post this type of question, please let me know which forum would be a better fit.