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InterpolatedValues2 filter string doesn't work

Question asked by IJourneaux on Sep 12, 2019
Latest reply on Sep 18, 2019 by gregor

I am making a call to InterpolatedValues2 using different tags on the same server. The call is successful in one case and fails in the second.

        Set pvalues = ipdata2.InterpolatedValues2(StartDate, EndDate, Period, FilterString)


The only things that changes are the tags in the filter string 

This filter string works

"'CSO-PM3SPEED.REEL'<5000 and 'CSO-PM3SPEED.REEL'>400 and 'CSO-RMS3039'="CM020230" and 'CSO-M3BRK'="Off""

This one does not

"'MON-521SI0751.'<4000 and 'MON-521SI0751.'>500 and 'MON-PM2_GRADE'="USP 90" and 'MON-520X9144REEL.'="NORMAL""


If I remove 

'MON-521SI0751.'<4000 and 'MON-521SI0751.'>500

the call completes sucessfully. I have confirmed that the tag MON-521SI0751. is a valid tag and has a normal range of  0 and 2500.

Can it be something with the way tag MON-521SI0751. is configured?