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    Moving/Migrating PI server from Cluster environment






      I am looking for info on steps/preperation needed to migrate/move/replace a PI server on Cluster environment with a standard OSI HA architecture. Any experience, thoughts will be helpful.




      Questions in my mind are


      1. is it a normal PI back up and restore from cluster to independent nodes?


      2. Any specific steps to be followed while taking the PI backup running on cluster environment?


      3. is there a preferred node among the cluster nodes for taking backup?




      and lot more questions..







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          Ahmad Fattahi



          I encourage you you to take a look at the "Installation and Upgrade Guide" from the Tech Support Download Center. It has a specific section on Microsoft clusters.


          If you face any issues, you may be better off contacting regular Tech Support as they are the best resource for such questions and can have a live remote session with you, if needed. OSIsoft vCampus is more geared toward programming and development topics.


          Hope it helps.