No Value displayed after changing PointType of a Tag

Discussion created by Nandan on Sep 15, 2019
Latest reply on Sep 15, 2019 by Ramesh_Muthurathinam

We are having PI Version 3.4 running on Windows server 2012. We dont have an AF Server.
I have old tag (Count) with a PointType String. Since the tag has only integers as values I have now converted the Tag to Int32 PointType.

Now I can See the trend in PI ProcessBook but when I move the cursor along the trend I dont see any Value. However I can get the value in excel for a given timestamp.

To test I created a new tag  (Count_1) with same reference but with Int32 as Point Type and this  new Tag shows value in PI trend as desired.


I have also checked in Archive editor and has found that none of the values are other than Integers.

Can anybody propose a resolution?


Pi Trnd before and After PointType Change