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Make Layers Visible/Invisible using a button.

Question asked by Samueliyo on Sep 14, 2019
Latest reply on Sep 19, 2019 by Samueliyo

Hello all!! 
Im looking for an easy and reliable way in which I can make any "Layer" on my Process Book Display Visible and Invisible.


This is my first time using layers on Process Book Display (PBD).
What I have so far up to now... I have six (6) different images (in different "layers" each one of them).
I have a button that im trying to use to increase an "index" and use this index to show an specific layer and hide the rest of them (increasing index and showing the desire layer in the same MACRO with one Button... and decreasing index and showing the desire layer in other MACRO triggered by other Button.).

Is there any easy way to this??


Im trying to accomplish this using a VisualBasic MACRO for this button. 
But Macro is not running properly and I kind of exhausted trying to make this work.
I saw on the help section that Layer.Visibility can be Called trough MACROS, sow it supposed to be possible.


Anyone tried this before?
Is there any easy and reliable way to make this happens??
If there any other better/easy approach for what im trying to do?


Any help is more than appreciated.
Thank you!!