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"Error Evaluating Tag or Expression" w/ nested If Then Else Statements

Question asked by cosmini on Sep 16, 2019
Latest reply on Sep 25, 2019 by cosmini

Hi Any and All,

I am currently working on a PI Calculation in ProcessBook where there are multiple nested if then else statements where everything works fine until I add my 10th or so conditional statement and then suddenly the DataSet throws the "Error Evaluating Tag or Expression" error. Is there some sort of limit of nesting or some way I could change the syntax or code differently to avoid the error? Thank you for any and all help.


code as written: (works up until I add the 239100 and 239110 conditional statements) 


if 'Stopper_Step' = 239010 then "Vacuum Test: General Reset" else if  'Stopper_Step' = 239020 then "Vacuum Test: Evacuating I" else if 'Stopper_Step' = 239030 then "Vacuum Test: Evacuating II" else if  'Stopper_Step' = 239040 then "Vacuum Test: Delay" else if 'Stopper_Step' = 239050 then "Vacuum Test: Stabilizing Vacuum" else if 'Stopper_Step' = 239060 then "Vacuum Test: Storing Start Value Vacuum" else if  'Stopper_Step' = 239070 then "Vacuum Test: Monitoring Vacuum" else if 'Stopper_Step' = 239080 then "Vacuum Test: Test Failed" else if 'Stopper_Step' = 239090 then "Vacuum Test: Pressurising" else if  'Stopper_Step' = 239100 then "Vacuum Test: Venting" else if 'Stopper_Step' = 239110 then “Vacuum Test: Termination" else "Not in Vacuum Test"