Tag names from point IDs (PIConfig)?

Discussion created by AlistairFrith on Aug 31, 2012
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Hi all,


I have a peculiar -10005 error occurring on multiple tags. After discussions with OSI support and trying out a few things, it seems that loading those tags into Tag configurator and then exporting them again fixes the problem.


So I have a list of a few hundred point IDs and I need to get their associated tag names. I do not have Datalink available to me, only Tag Configurator and PIConfig on the PI Server. Any suggestions how to do this? I have tried a couple of PIConfig scripts but they all fail and I am at a loss.


<update>I have now found messages giving the names of the tags so this is not so urgent but I am still interested how I would go about it if all I had was the point IDs</update>


Thanks in advance,


--- Alistair.