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How to setup pi backup to another server shared folder?

Question asked by Saif21 on Sep 20, 2019
Latest reply on Sep 23, 2019 by Saif21

Hi everyone,


I'm trying to configure Pi backup to another server shared folder but its failed. I already map the network drive to the PI Server and also give all permission(read/write) to the PI Server domain user name towards the network folder drive. The network folder drive is using another domain user account.


I'm using command like "E:\PI\adm>pibackup I:\PIBackup". Folder I is the shared folder.


I'm getting error message as

"E:\PI\adm>"E:\PI\adm\piartool" -backup "I:\PIBackup"     -arcdir -wait
 Backup start failed, Status: [-15020] Invalid Path Specified
Standard backup returned -15020"


The system cannot find the drive specified."


Does my command is wrong? Should I specify the name of he server where the shared folder is situated?. If it is needed, how to specify the another server name in the command