C# Create Notification Rule Sample Program

Discussion created by cmartin on Aug 31, 2012
Latest reply on Sep 5, 2012 by Mike Zboray

I'm running PI Notifications 1.2.1205.6 w/ PI 2010 server and downloaded PI Notification developer tools 1.2.1205.5 from vCampus.  When I run the C# CreateNotificationRule sample, the following code doesn't attach the file created to email.

//Add this file as a content            
AFNotificationContent fileContent = ANNotificationContentHelper.CreateFile(deliveryFormat.NotificationContext, file, false);             
List fileGuids = new List();            
//Attach the files            
ANFiles.SaveConfiguration(deliveryFormat, "Attachments", fileGuids);

 I expected to see the file created attached to the outgoing message, but it only shows up in the content pane.  I can manually attach the file in System Explorer, but need to do it programmatically.  What am I missing?