Textbox Problems

Discussion created by jdsebo15 on Sep 20, 2019

I'm using VBA to write a value to a textbox because I have a list of variables with various units that need to be in a common unit. I'm using get value to pull the value and then i'm performing some basic math to convert to the correct units and then i'm displaying them using a Microsoft Forms 2.0 Textbox. The problem is that when I select all of the properties in the build mode they just switch to random things when I switch back to run mode. For instance I have the background set to be transparent. It shows as transparent while I am in build mode but as soon as I switch to run mode the background turns white which is the default. I check the properties and the property itself isn't changing. It's just displaying incorrectly. Is there a way to fix this? Or is there a better way to go about manipulating a value in this way.