Support for Identities in AFSDK

Discussion created by eignert on Sep 2, 2012
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at the moment I'm working with the Beta3 of the AFSDK 2.5... I'm especially interested in the namespace OSIsoft.AF.PI that allows me to directly access PI  without having to use the "old" PISDK.

In the post http://vcampus.osisoft.com/discussion_hall/development_with_osisoft_sdks/f/8/p/2659/14406.aspx I was told that handling Identities and Mappings via PISDK was removed from the scope of the PISDK 1.4.0 but that I could use the powershell extensions manage Identities and Mappings for my PI servers.


At the moment I've created an application using only AFSDK for accing PI data, but I'd also need access to the Identities and Mappings. I don't want to use powershell extensions for this because it's not possible for me to roll our the powershell extension on every computer I'd need it.


So my question is: Are there maybe plans to integrate access to Identities and Mappings in the AFSDK? I'd really love to have at least one SDK that is capable of handling everything that as to do with the latest security mechanisms... And at the moment the AFSDK seems to become my favorite SDK ;-)