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Analysis Service: AutoBackfilling takes long time

Question asked by LSalas on Sep 19, 2019
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I am trying to understand how convenient is having the AutoBackfillingEnabled  enable, and how it can affect the performance.

From Osisoft documentation (AF 2018):

" backfilling analyses based on the known latest evaluation time of each individual analysis"


We have enable the property AutoBackfillingEnabled to avoid duplicated events each time the analysis service is restarted.
After enabling this, we restarted the service, and we noticed it took a long time (more than 1 hour) to do the backfilling for all analyses in AF. It was done in the testing environment with a total 2000 analysis active.

I know the last execution time for some of these analyses was more than 72 hours ago, so the autobackilling was not executed because this time was exceeded.

Is this normal? Several analysis were in queue for long time.
How does it affect the actual running analyses? 
Will it be a delay for all analysis that are running?

We are not sure about the impact in production if we enable this property. He wave more than 140k analyses here.


Would it be better to keep this property disable in production and look for another option for the duplicated events? 


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