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How to check if Autorecalculation feature of AF Analysis is writing data to a PI Tag

Question asked by Rhishabh.Singh on Sep 20, 2019

Hello All ,


Few Questions regarding Autorecalculation.


I have enabled autorecalculation  for few of the event triggered Analysis,but I am not sure whether the autorecalculation is kicking in writing data to PI Tags.

Would request to help me confirm the below points. would one know that the data written in the Input PI tag is out-of-order or delayed?
2.If the Input had recorded an out-of-order event,how can one know that the autorecalculation has kicked in and written the data in the Output PI Tags.(one way would be checking the Values in that  time window but there can also be chances that at that point of time manually values were inserted in those tags or by any other source.We could also check for substituted flag in the PI tag but this would be turned on when there was a existing Value at that place,same applies here as well how to know if this substitution of Values is due to autorecalculation).

3 How long can autorecalculation be performed;what is the maximum allowed window?,

4 If one of the event triggered Analysis writing to a PI Tag has not triggered for a long time say 2 months, and also the  Tag which is mapped to the Analysis has not recorded any Values in this period,In this case if one inserts few values at  *-20 days would it be picked by the autorecalculation and would data be written to the Tag because the tag has not recorded any values for the past 2 months/60 days.