5 digits in Timestamp

Discussion created by TelventDMS on Sep 4, 2012
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When inserting values into PI Server via PI SDK method UpdateValue I receive 5 digits number in PI Server. It is C# application.




What I get in PI Server is:  '3-Sep-2012 15:46:26.98601'




I get this value from timestamp from PI Process Book as well as PI System Management Tool. What is strange here is that I create this date to mili seconds precision explicitly: 




New DateTime(2012 for year, 09 for moth, 03 for day, 15 for hour, 46 for minutes, 26 for seconds, 986 for miliseconds).




Extra 01 shows up for 4th and 5th digits. Is that PI SDK stuff or what? Since UpdateValue expects 'object' for timestamp I tried with C# DateTime, PITime and PITimeFormat with same result. Our customer demands having only 3 digits in PI Server and we cannot succeed in inserting that preciscion. We are always getting this same 01 at 4th and 5th digits.




Any help would be appreciated.