PI TO PI Interface issue

Discussion created by dywong on Sep 26, 2019

I've encounter the same issue on my Destination Server. Basically I have machines at level 3.5 (DMZ level) and Level 4 (corporate level). When i added the 6000 tags at DMZ Level, i can receive all data via PI OPCDA interface. However, when i send the data from level 3.5 (DMZ) to Level 4 (corporate) via PItoPI interface (Installed at Source Server), i only receiving 3000 data. The rest (3000 tags) remain PT Created "NOTE: my buffer is enable and i have redundant machine at Source and Destination side". When i try to re-create, re-edit or create new interface to do the mentioned tags, the tags still remain pt created, i even use the good tag to test, but the result is fail. See below snap i use the same instrumenttag (Same Point Source).

my PItoPI interface is healthy (Device Status = 0), and the old tag inside this interface is working fine. This is my first time encounter this issue onsite because in the past there is no error on destination server. Can help on this? Because i have no clue how to solve the issues as there is no related message error.


I have attached the related documents.