PI Vision login prompts on server

Discussion created by VCampus-METCO on Sep 23, 2019

I know that there are issues when trying to use the FQDN of the PI Vision application from the Vision server itself, but I  have never really had a good explanation as to what is causing the behaviour. Does anyone know? NTLM?


if I use https:\\FQDN\pivision - I get a request to login from a non-admin account. However, I don't from an admin account.

if I use https:\\localhost\pivision - The vision displays as expected, but I get a login prompt when opening a display with WebAPI control on it, e.g. event table or XYPlot.


What needs to be done so that a normal user can run Vision directly on the server without login prompts?


The site is added as a trusted site, windows authenticatrion is enabled and current user/password configured to be passed to Vision.