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How to upgrade/move PI Servers to new OS?

Question asked by Olav on Sep 25, 2019
Latest reply on Oct 25, 2019 by Olav

Hi all.


My company needs to upgrade OS on all PI Servers, since they are running on Win 2008 R2. I have read the manuals on moving a PI Server, but I am wondering if anyone with experience in this could list any important points or pitfalls? I am hoping to avoid as much dataloss/downtime as possible.


We have a lot of servers, PI Archive, PI AF and different interface servers. They are all running on virtual VM-ware machines, so this is what I am thinking.


-Make sure as much as possible of interfaces run buffering

-Create new virtual servers with new operating system (2012 or preferably 2019) with the same IP address/server name etc. identical to existing servers.

-Install all PI applications on new servers.

-Shut down existing servers

-Boot up new servers


Hopefully this should make downtime minimal. Any advice on this would be appreciated.