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Add Button from Powershell

Question asked by DoctorSnuggles on Oct 1, 2019
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i would like to write a PowerShell script that can gather all .pdi's in a specific location and generate a .pdi file with 

corresponding buttons to link to them.


The only problem i have, is that when i add a button from PowerShell, it has Scripting diabled and i can't Control it further. I could use an existing button (wich works fine) but if i copy that button, the copy has Scripting again disabled.


As an Alternativ is thought of using a CommandButton from The Active X Control Surfaces but this i cant Control from

PowerShell even when Scripting is enabled. 


Do you guys know a way of creating a button/Symbol from PowerShell with EnableScript set to true. Or does anyone know how to manipulate an active x Control from PowerShell?


I would appreciate any help.