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String Builder - Pull Attribute value from another server

Question asked by Boost01 on Sep 26, 2019
Latest reply on Sep 26, 2019 by sraposo

Hi guys,


I have been ripping my hair out for the last day trying to get this to work.


I am collecting PI tag and Attribute values from several AF/DA servers so I can run notifications on them (rather than set up notifications on 10 servers separately).


I have my AF structure organised and attributes created so I can use string builder to create the appropriate paths to the AF and DA servers.


My templates are set as follows


Active is configured as

\\'server'\'database'\RtDuet Configuration\RtDuet Calculation Engines\RtDuet" " 'Element'"|IsActive"

This works for the WatchdogTag


However, trying to pull the value of Attribute IsActive isn't working


If I copy/paste the actual path resolved in "Active" into the "IsActive" attribute it pulls the Boolean "value", but if I use string builder, it errors.


I have tried so many permutations of this that I have lost count and am getting frustrated, so am turning here for assistance.


Thanking in advance,