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How to query a lot of intervals at externally defined timestamps in a regular raster from a single tag

Question asked by dpfahler on Sep 26, 2019
Latest reply on Sep 30, 2019 by dpfahler

Dear Community,

Here's my problem:

I have PITags that change about every second.
External quality criteria should now be calculated for individual PITags at certain time points.
These are calculated with interpolated data a certain interval around these times (for example: 5 minutes before and 2 minutes after, with a sample size of 10 second, under 100 values per interval!).

I access the data with the PI Web API and can simply query ONE regular grid from a PITag:
The endpoint for this is for example:
GET streams/{webId}/interpolated

However, for a single PITag I have to query tens of thousands of such intervals.
The performance for ten thousand requests is unfortunately too slow and I think there should be a better solution.
What would you have in mind?


Thank you very much for your help