Help with modelling process flow in AF

Discussion created by jholland on Sep 27, 2019
Latest reply on Oct 4, 2019 by Royal_Vee

I am trying to model a process in AF:

Raw product is in multiple tanks with two possible process flows each with a flow meter.



Each tank has a valve to both process flows.



I want to capture each process event (being when one of the valves open) to compare the loss in the tank to the flow past the meter.



I am really struggling to develop a picture of the best way to capture this.



I can create an event trigger on the tank, but how to grab the flow which is an attribute of the process flows.

Or, create an event on the process flow, but how do I capture the tanks levels.



I'm quite sure I am missing a trick here, but every attempt I make at this seems overly complicated...

Any examples or advice would be much appreciated.