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How to Find Element By it's Attribute Name and Attribute Value in PI-Web API

Question asked by Srinivas.T.G on Oct 1, 2019
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Is there a way to find the Element by it's Attribute Name and Attribute Value in PI-Web API.


AttributeName = SAP_ID

AttributeValue = <<Some Guid>>


Expected Output:

Element that contains attribute that matches this attributename='SAP_ID' and attributevalue=<<Some Guid>>


I am looking for your help on how to get this done using PI-WEB API.



1. I tried with PI-Web API Crawler search ( But this was not encouraged by my technical lead as it requires additional infra/service to be enabled). 

2. I tried to convince my technical lead to use ExtendedProperties, but PI-WEB API exposes the element extended properties but does not have any option to search based on it.


Version Information:


ProductTitle: "PI Web API 2018"

ProductVersion: ""


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