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How to import DB xml that contains legacy notifications and notification-rules

Question asked by Noga on Oct 7, 2019
Latest reply on Oct 10, 2019 by Noga

I have installed PI AF 2017 R2 update 1 server and tried to import to that target server (through the PI System Explorer) a Database xml file that was exported from a different source PI-AF server (of the same version).

Since the source server xml contains Legacy notifications And Notification-Rules, and the target server was configured to handle Notification-Rules (the default server state), The import process on the server displayed the errors:


"The version of PI AF Server 'ServerName' does not support the Legacy (1.x) Notification Feature because the new Notification Rule Feature is enabled."


In that case the import continues and the Database is imported only without the Legacy notifications.


So I used the Migration-tool and switched the target server back to support Legacy notifications. But now during the import the server displays the errors:


"The Notification Rule feature is not enabled on the PI AF server"

and in that case the import fails and stops, no objects are imported to the target Database.


These errors are not surprising since when configured to support Legacy, the server cannot create new Notification Rules, and when migrated to Notification-Rules, the server cannot create new Legacy notifications.


So my question is this:

Is there still a way to import Database xml that contains Legacy notifications And Notification-Rules to a target server and avoid these errors (enable the target server to have both notification types)?

Or the only way is to migrate the source server to support Notification-Rule?