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RecordedValues output skipped a data value in a given Time Range

Question asked by Jerricson_Espiritu on Oct 4, 2019
Latest reply on Oct 4, 2019 by Rick_Davin_3.0

Good day, Everyone!


I'm currently taking a PI point value and notice that the output data in 13:51:00 timeline is missing.

the time range is from 2019/09/03 00:00:00 to  2019/09/03  23:59:00 with 1 minute interval.


My program at the PI System Management Tool(Data Archive Editor) has the same Output.

※Please look in the screenshot below.



But I also confirmed the issue using the PI Data LinkSampled Data in excel with the same time range, the data in 13:51:00 showed.



I have 2 questions regarding this matter.


①Is there a reason why it skipped?

②Is there a a better way to detect if the PI point value skipped a data record in any interval?

※Currently I'm using a counter (1440 = minutes per day) but the problem is it cannot specify the exact time where the data recording skipped.