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Query on static attributes

Question asked by vankudrea on Oct 4, 2019
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I have following two questions on static attributes and pi vision:


1) Can anyone confirm if there is any difference in behavior between a static AF Attribute (without pi tag but manually hard coded value) , Formula attribute and table lookup attribute in terms of the amount of space they will consume in PIFD ? My understanding is that static attributes will cause PIFD to bulge out as the data inserted will reside within PIFD, however do Formula and Table lookup also cause PIFD to bulge out or do they consume lesser space than static attribute.

2) When PIFD to PI Vision syncs happen, does it sync all AF meta data and values of static attributes into PI Vision database, or does it copy only metadata and values of static attributes will be pulled by pi vision dynamically ? Does all of pifd meta data reside in pi vision ?



Amit Vankudre