Memory Leak using PIValues

Discussion created by sulebek on Sep 11, 2012
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i have a big problem with a service that i wrote myself.


This service should write data read from some files to a PI Server Collective.


Right now i have the problem, that the serivce is getting bigger and bigger within some seconds.


Using ANT Memory Profiler it looks like the PI SDK isn't cleaning up the PIValues i write to the server.


If I comment out the part where I create and fill the PIValue objects then everything works fine, i can parse hundreds of files without memory increasing.




Can anyone tell me how to tell the SDK to free memory right after writing the data?


I did try the ISlimFast for every point i write data to and also for the PIPoints collection of every server but this did not help, is there a way have to directly free the PIValues.


Hopefully someone can help me




I use the PI SDK 1.4.0 Build 416 with a Windows 7 x86


The service is programmed with Studio 2010, .Net 3.5, C#