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Changing AF parameter source tags in batches

Question asked by carlos.giron on Oct 8, 2019

There is this oil field with wells connected to a specific position in a manifold. Every instrument tag in that manifold contains the position where is located. Ex. Pos1_PIT_2A for pressure 2A in position 1. Every Well connected to a position has an ID that is assigned by reservoir engineers (Ex ID: 1020, 1046, 2030). PI tags are recorded into the Archive server using the instrument tags that contains the position. (All positions/instruments are recorded regardless to have an actual well connected).

Id like to implement Asset Framework and The Asset tree would be beneficial to use the Well ID rather than the position of the well. If the position of the well never changes this would be easy task, The mapping Well ID - Position/Tags would be always the same. So one time configuration. But the well can be changed to a different position for Operational reasons. Now the instrument tags associated with this Well will change and the Asset tree needs to be updated. 


There is an excel sheet that Operations uses to keep track of the Well positions. Could I use this sheet information to massively reconfigure the parameters in AF server? I successfully used this sheet to build the tags in excel sheets and poll data using DataLink. Engineers can select the Well ID and the sheet takes care of building and polling the right data.

How could I do something similar in AF ?? 

Thanks a lots for your ideas.