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Event Frames Analyses - TimeNE

Question asked by Omar_Sanchez_TOYOTA on Oct 15, 2019
Latest reply on Oct 17, 2019 by Omar_Sanchez_TOYOTA

Hi everybody, I am Omar Sanchez, I have a question regarding the creation of a specific Analysis in the Element. 

I would like to track a specific value of a variable "A", which is monitored by a sensor, but ONLY DURING WEEKENDS (Saturday from 05:30 am to Monday 05:30 am). 

I am actually considering to use the function "TimeNE", available in the "Search and Retrieval" plugin which allows to the user to work with the Attribute's data. For example:

TimeNE('A','sat+5.5h','mon+5.5h',200) --> but I am sure that this function returns the total time within the specified range, when the value is not the same to 200. 

My target is to be aware of when A > = 200, for example, but only within the weekend period.  

Some of you could help me with this issue?, because unfortunately, I am not aware of the total range of available functions and their usages.Indeed,  I don't know if this function meets my expectations or I should use another. 


Thank you very much for your support,