Can not connect to OPC DA Server

Discussion created by kathye on Sep 12, 2012
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I am new to OSI-PI and OPC. I was trying to run an OPC example that was used by http://vCampus.osisoft.com/media/p/1180.aspx. I have a PI Server install on a 2008 Server box. I was able to to access the snapshot and archive Values from that PI Server from my window 2007 box using PISDK. So PISDK works. Next I tried OPC example. In the original example:


1. Opc.Da.Server myOPCDAServer = new Opc.Da.Server(new OpcCom.Factory(), new Opc.URL("opcda://localhost/OSI.DA.1"));


2. myOPCDAServer.Connect();


Here I am trying to use the installed PIServer as OPC DA Server. Since it is installed on the remote box. So I modified the new OpcURL in line 1 into


new Opc.URL("opcda://ipaddressThatHasPIServerInstalled/PIServerName"). But after the modification line 2 still fail to connect. I did the debug. The exception message is " Invalid value for registry".  any idea ?