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Creating Weak Element Reference using PI Builder

Question asked by jonathanbrutt on Oct 15, 2019
Latest reply on Oct 16, 2019 by skwan

I'm working with a client to build out an AF hierarchy.  We have a list of elements of a specific template type in a list using a very flat hierarchy, but we will use weak references to put the elements in the correct order elsewhere in a deeper hierarchy.


We are using PI Builder 2018 SP3, so I expect that we can create element reference elements using weak references that refer to the correct element in the hierarchy.  


I created the original element using something like this:

I attempted to create the weak reference element elsewhere in the hierarchy like this:

Upon create I was given this message.


However, upon refreshing PI SE there was no weak reference element and the original element was deleted. 


How do I create weak reference elements the correct way?