Event weighted Standard Deviation in PI ACE

Discussion created by inform2prabhat Champion on Sep 13, 2012
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Hi Team,


Hope everyone is doing good. I again need your help to move ahead with my program :).


Can we use Event weighted Standard Deviation functions directly in PI ACE. I don't want to make a SDK call and using Summaries to find this out.


when i tried finding out the inbuilt function , I got only Time weighted standard deviation of archive values.




The user wants to compare the results of PIACE output tags with the excel based PIAdvCalcVal(Tag,"*-1h","*","stdev","event-weighted", 0, 1, 0,"TestServer") function. which will never match.


Please let me know How can I calculate Event weighted Stdev for a particular interval. 


Many Thanks,


Prabhat Mishra