Batch query not visible in Add-in tab in Excel

Discussion created by joar on Oct 16, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 29, 2020 by jyi

Recently we updated our O365 to version 1808.

Since then, the PI menu tab as well as the Add-in tab disappeared in my account on my PC. I only happens in my account on my PC, other users on my PC don't have the problem, neither do I when I log in on another PC.

I upgraded my O365 account to the latest version (1902), but that didn't change anything.

I finally managed after a couple re-installations of the PI software to get the PI menu and the Addin tab back, but the Add-in tab only contains the Batch search module, not the Batch query module (which I frequently use).

The weird thing is that occasionally the Batch query menu item does appear, but when you close the menu then and open it again, it's gone again.


These Excel Add-ins are checked:

PI BatchView for Excel

PI Datalink





These COM Add-ins are checked:

PI Datalink



Does anyone have experience with this phenomena?