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Different result between AF analyis and Excel

Question asked by Saken on Oct 18, 2019
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I have following analysis:

(493.47+1.8*Temperature)^-0.5*('Valve Position|A1'*(VPosition/100)^3+'Valve Position|B1'*(VPosition/100)^2+'Valve Position|C1'*(VPosition/100))
and similar equation in Excel:



the problem they give different result because of following:

(493.47+1.8*Temperature)^-0.5 from AF and (493.47+1.8*E1445)^-0.5 in Excel gives almost the same result - 0.04244

but in in AF Analysis it set to 0 whole result but in Excel it's more than 0, like 54.

It seems AF Analysis treats 0.04244 as 0 and we end up with 0 but Excel correctly use 0.04244 and calculate correctly.