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PI to PI Interface -  automatic backfilling or Buffering

Question asked by ZAPP on Oct 23, 2019
Latest reply on Nov 20, 2019 by ZAPP

Hi Everyone


I have a remote Pi  Archive server that should automatically synchronize the  archive files with the PI Source Archive server.

The remote connection is not the permanent since it is a ship that has to sail.

The goal is that every time the ship come to shore, synchronization of the archives must begin through a VPN tunnel (site to site).




The VPN connection and the PItoPI interface is running, but I am getting the following error:







My 2. question is regarding the backfilling/history recovery?


If I activate (Use History recovery only) option, without Buffering enabled, will it automatically do backfilling (only the archives since last connection drop down) for the on target server when the connection comes up again ?



   Thanks in advance