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Event Frame Reconciliation

Question asked by LSalas on Oct 24, 2019
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AF Server

Trying to understand how reconciliation works, and if there are some cases where it doesn't.


We are testing reconciliation of the events (auto backfilling enabled) in our test environment.

We have several events already generated. The analysis was changed and a restart of the service was done.

What is the expected behavior here?


I noticed a new event was generated, so we have now 2 open events.  It seems that in this case reconciliation is not executed. Is this the expected result?




Another case that doesn't look right :

The event was closed with a date greater then the last event. Now, there are 2 events overlapping.



Next it is an example where reconciliation works as expected. The service was restarted at 2 pm, the condition was true, and not new event was generated.



Another case. Reconciliation created overlapping events: