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Running both OPC DA and HDA with single Point Source

Question asked by Saif21 on Oct 24, 2019
Latest reply on Oct 29, 2019 by Saif21

Dear Team,


Can we run both PI Interface for DA and HDA on same point source at the same time?


Before this, we were changing the PI Interface from HDA to DA connection. The DA run perfectly but if possible we want to recover the data lost during switching from HDA to DA connection. I don't want to reconfigure back the tags configuration (location 2) from DA to HDA and stop the DA and run HDA again. If we do that, we may can recover the data history (from the switching time) but there may be a data lost on current time when we stop the DA and run the HDA.


Is there any configuration on where we can run both of the DA and HDA interface simultaneously at the same time?