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Analysis service configuration - MaximumAllowedAutoBackfillingSpanInHours

Question asked by LSalas on Oct 25, 2019

Trying to understand better MaximumAllowedAutoBackfillingSpan parameter. Where can I find  more details about this?


From Osisoft Documentation:

  " Specify the maximum downtime (in hours) for the PI Analysis Service to initiate automatic backfilling. Setting the parameter to "0" or a negative number will restore the previously recorded setting for this option. If you update this setting, you must restart PI Analysis Service."


After some testing, It seems that this downtime refer to the time an analysis has not run and not the time that analysis service has been down. Analysis service  shows the message "auto-backfilling interval exceeds the maximun allowed limit (72 hours) when the service was down only for a few seconds.




Does the time of 72 hours refer to both , time analysis service down and time an analysis has not run? or 

Does the time of  72 hours refer only to the time an analysis has not run? or

What exactly the 72 hours mean?




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