PI Notification - How to provide start time - end time inside excel sheet and perform automatic recalculation ?

Discussion created by mathiak on Oct 29, 2019
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Hi Experts Lal Babu Shaik Sebastien Raposo

I would like to extract the last 48 hours compressed time-series value of certain tags and save it in an excel sheet and send it as a pi notification.

The notification must be sent every time the alarm is ON

I know we can attach an excel sheet in pi notification, But do we have the ability in the excel datalink sheet to perform automatic refresh - based on PI notification trigger time and extract the last 48 hour values of the tags ?

Start Time - *-2d
End Time - * ( Notification trigger time i.e Alarm ON )

Also it will be awesome if we can have the Event-frame name as the name to the generated excel sheet.

Challenge : I could not use the auto-update feature in datalink, Because , the recipient might not have Datalink enabled or installed. This is why i was looking into pi notifications where it can automatically refresh the sheet before sending to the recipent.